Madrid to host the 8th Global Humanitarian Aviation Conference and Exhibition 2016

Madrid to host the 8th Global Humanitarian Aviation Conference and Exhibition 2016

When: 19-21 October 2016

Where: Melia Castilla, Madrid, Spain

For over 50 years, WFP has been the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. Each year, WFP assists some 80 million people in over 80 countries across the globe. When locations in need are inaccessible by road, rail or river, air remains the only option. Through its United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS), WFP Aviation provides access to the entire humanitarian community enabling them to reach remote locations and assist affected populations.

One of WFP Aviation’s footprints is to strengthen capacities of Civil Aviation Authorities and other national institutions in locations where WFP works, foster close relations among air operators and enhance overall collaboration in the aviation sector. It is against this backdrop that the 8th Global Humanitarian Aviation Conference (GHAC) is organised free of charge with an aim to enable an informed forum among WFP Aviation service providers and other stakeholders. Since its launch in 2009, the GHAC has become a landmark event in the humanitarian aviation industry. The event assembles elite aviation innovators, decision-makers and senior managers to discuss a broad spectrum of pressing aviation safety concerns and emerging trends in the industry. Previous editions of the GHAC have been organised in the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Jordan, Morocco and Switzerland. The global annual event has paved the way for new safety initiatives, innovative partnerships and greater efficiency in humanitarian air operations through better collaboration.


Good working relationship among stakeholders is essential to successful aviation operations, particularly in promoting safety in humanitarian aviation services. The GHAC is an enabling platform for a broad spectrum of organisations involved in aviation operations to assemble and discuss general concerns and potential solutions, with a focus on humanitarian aviation. The topics which will be addressed in this year’s conference include:

  • Challenges in humanitarian operations;
  • Helicopter operations in complex environments;
  • Harmonization of humanitarian aviation disaster response strategies.


It is hoped that discussion with industry stakeholders will contribute towards strengthening effective collaboration amongst Civil Aviation Authorities, the commercial industry and other partners to successfully achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.


The 8th annual GHAC will facilitate discussion between air operators, air brokers, Civil Aviation Authorities, NGO representatives, various UN agencies, fuel and ground handling companies, and numerous other stakeholders in the humanitarian aviation industry. WFP is expecting over 300 participants in 2016.

Supporting Organizations

WFP will be collaborating with representatives from the following organisations:

  • International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)
  • International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Association (IFALPA)
  • Official Guild of Civil Pilots (COPAC)
  • Servicios y Estudios para la Navegación Aérea y la Seguridad Aeronáutica (SENASA)
  • Flight Safety Foundation (FSF)
  • International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  • United Arab Emirates General Civil Aviation Authority (UAE GCAA)
  • Spanish Ministry of Public Works-Fomento – SG Civil Aviation
  • Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs – AECID
  • Spanish Ministry of Economy – ICEX
  • City Council of Madrid – Madrid Convention Bureau
  • Community of Madrid
  • Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea (AENA)
  • Sindical Air Traffic Controllers Union (USCA)
  • Professional Air Traffic Controllers Association (APROCTA)
  • Spanish Association of Technological Companies of Defense, Aeronautics and Space (TEDAE)
  • Association of contractors companies with the Public Administration (AESMIDE)
  • Indra
  • Iberia
  • Airbus
  • Humanitarian Aviation Foundation (HUAV)

Picture: WFP/Agron Dragaj