ARTIEM, leading urban hotel in Madrid

ARTIEM, leading urban hotel in Madrid


Artiem Hotels is a family company that has run four establishments offering experiences, entertainment and leisure for adults on the island of Menorca since 1974 and is now in Madrid. A national leader, the company is strongly centred on well-being and health.

Artiem Fresh People Hotels is striving to transfer its philosophy of sustainability and well-being, present in every detail, to its Madrid establishment. The result of applying its Mediterranean approach is an ‘urban-green’ concept, which involves sustainable activities, optimal energy efficiency and reduced water consumption and waste production, all while fostering a salubrious lifestyle for its guests.

It has 83 rooms spread across five floors, categorised as Urban, Urban Big, Urban Big Deluxe and Urban Top Terrace. There is a chill-out corner and sports lovers can enjoy numerous activities organised both indoors and outdoors, some led by a trainer and others to do independently.

Its culinary offering spans two spaces on the ground floor, the Slow Lounge and The Green, where, further to being able to enjoy fresh, healthy products, customers can also make use of a work area.