Madrid Convention Bureau Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Sustainability and legacy

We recognise the shift towards a more ethical and sustainable tourism model.


  • We believe in ‘positive impact’ and the idea that meetings can contribute to the wellbeing of local communities.
  • We aim to be responsible in our role of dissemination, training, and support for the sector and event organisers as they adapt to a model with less impact on the city.
  • We are convinced that the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda are the most useful tools for this change.

Sustainability tools

Directory of Social Organisations

Our directory of social organisations provides event organisers with a list of associations, foundations and NGOs working in areas such as sustainability, corporate social responsibility, social inclusion and other related fields.


PLUS, Positive Impact

PLUS is a digital technology managed by Madrid Convention Bureau, offering various functionalities related to comprehensive sustainability and legacy management. It generates specific reports prior to all meetings taking place in Madrid, in order to minimise their impact from the outset. PLUS facilitates the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) at every stage of an event or meeting.


MICE Sustainability Guide

Created in 2020 in collaboration with experts in responsible tourism, this was the first specific MICE guide with practical information on sustainability, legacy and positive impact. The Guide analyses the Sustainable Development Goals influencing this tourism segment, providing practical guidelines for application across five sectors: Special Venues, Hotels, Restaurants and Catering, Service Providers and Event Agencies, Destination Management Companies (DMCs) and Professional Congress Organisers (PCOs).


Madrid Challenge

  • Madrid Challenge is a charter committing to positive impact, promoted by MCB under the Global Forum 2021 and organised by the BestCities Global Alliance.
  • The BestCities Madrid Challenge is a movement of destinations and associations that recognise the importance of achieving a more sustainable meeting and events industry. Together, these organisations have committed to collaborating, sharing knowledge, and striving to offer value beyond tourism through their events. The BestCities Madrid Challenge aims to raise industry standards and promote impact and sustainability as key elements of organisational strategies and events.
  • It encourages organisers to develop and integrate legacy into congress bidding processes and convention bureaus to identify local agents with whom to implement legacy actions.


Each year, a Recognition Night is held as part of the MCB Ambassador Programme in honour of professionals from the scientific, associative, and academic sectors who play a key role in promoting congresses in Madrid.

Attendees receive a small STRAWBERRY TREE as a courtesy gift. It represents the city and our commitment to sustainability and the environment.

The strawberry tree is now also the symbol of Recognition Night.