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Our DNA in the world of cinema and entertainment, makes Super 8 Events bring a playful personality to each of the events it produces, all without forgetting a cultural and social background that gives meaning to your event.

We facilitate access to nationally and internationally recognized artists to make your event even more special and unforgettable for your attendees.

Achieve maximum dissemination in the media
Generate information of interest to the media
Enhance knowledge and visibility of the action, through the media

Launch of the action object of the event
Differentiating and attractive offer to capture and recover the target or target audience
Programming as a leisure alternative

One to One contacts with newsrooms and media
Call for graphic and audiovisual press to presentation party
Social Media Strategy and Dynamization
Promotion with bloggers and influencers
Social Media Promotion through Facebook Ads and Instagram
Study of proposals and opportunities
Preparation of ad hoc stories and other creative actions for radio statio

Super8 Eventos
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