The future of technological solutions for the travel industry in Madrid, 26 to 27 March

The future of technological solutions for the travel industry in Madrid, 26 to 27 March

The future of techonological solutions for the travel industry has an appointment in Madrid with the professionals of the sector the next 26 and 27 March.


Expert company in travel technology solutions Amadeus celebrates its T3CH event. The headquarters, the Meliá Castilla hotel.


Amadeus, the leading provider of technological solutions for the travel industry, will bring together the most groundbreaking and innovative companies and start-ups of the industry to discuss the future of travel technology at its T3CH event, which will take place in Madrid from the 26th to the 27th of March.

During the two-day event, attendees will discuss some of the major themes and trends that will revolutionize tourism: how machine learning can improve the personalization of travel; what can cloud solutions bring to the sector; how to strengthen security in the industry, or the contribution human talent and passengers can make in this digital era.

Denis Lacroix, SVP Core Shared Services R&D of Amadeus, and Kate Russell, journalist from the BBC specialized in technology, will welcome the attendees and will introduce the first panelist: Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World-Wide-Web. The event will also feature presentations from:

  • Subbu Allamaraju, Vice President, Technology at Expedia
  • Renowned cybersecurity analyst, academic and former hacker Keren Elazari
  • Jeff Troy, President & CEO A-ISAC
  • Adrian Cockcroft, Vice President Cloud Architecture Strategy, Amazon Web Services
  • Paul Strong, Technical Director at the CTO office of Google Cloud.

The event will combine presentations with interactive debates, round tables and case studies on different technologies and trends. Attendees can also get to know five start-ups, who will pitch their businesses, offer demos and answer questions from the public. In addition, at the end of each day there will be a dinner or cocktail so that attendees can share impressions and network.

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