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La Chispería, a new gastronomic space, opens at Chamberí Market


Chamberí Market, located in the heart of Madrid’s most traditional neighbourhood, has launched La Chispería, a new gastronomic space designed to be a ‘foodie square’ set up between the fruit, vegetable and meat stalls that are long-time fixtures at this location. It is intended to breathe new life into the municipal market, which opened in 1943, while preserving its traditional spirit.

It is designed as a square surrounded by six different gastronomic stalls that operate on a separate schedule from the market, where customers can enjoy various offerings with traditional roots, for instance at Lambuzo (cuisine from the province of Cádiz) and El Rincón de Lupe (traditional cuisine made with seasonal ingredients), as well as more innovative offerings likes the ‘chalupa’ cuisine served at La Valona (a fusion of Spanish and Mexican gastronomy) and the Peruvian ‘buns’ and ‘sanguches’ at Chambí, made over charcoal with devices imported from Peru (wood block and cylinder).

La Chispería at Chamberí Market is a tribute to the chisperos, working class residents of the Maravillas and Chamberí districts, which imbues the space with a modern flair and adapts it to our current times.

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The restaurant Dsesto Food&Music has opened its doors to events: company dinners, wine tastings, live cooking shows and small-scale product presentations are just some of the options that the restaurant, which opened in late 2015, makes available to its clientele.

The space unites gastronomy, music and mixology, and is located very close to Madrid’s El Retiro Park. Covering 500m2, it is divided into a main dining room and a VIP room that can hold 200 diners and 36 diners, respectively.

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