Madrid International Pastry, first international Pastry conference in Spain

Madrid International Pastry, first international Pastry conference in Spain

Outstanding international professionals from the World of Pastry, together at the first international Pastry Conference in Madrid, M*I*P.

The event will take place from 25 to 26 November  in MEEU and Andalusia will star as the guest region in this first edition of Madrid International Pastry.

Fifty outstanding Spanish and international professionals from the world of pastry, baking and chocolate will come together on 25 and 26 November in Madrid to present the latest trends in the sector.

Madrid will host Spain’s first international pastry conference. Going by the name Madrid International Pastry, this annual event aims to become the main point of reference in the world of baking, pastry and chocolate in Spain.

Renowned professionals

Some of the top Spanish and international professionals will come together at M*I*P to analyse the current state of the sector and discuss some of the latest ideas and trends.

Top pastry chefs, bakers, chefs and expert nutritionists are set to attend Madrid’s MEEU (Madrid Exhibitions and Urban Events) on 25 and 26 November, to showcase all kinds of “sweet cuisine”, ranging from pastries and caramel to chocolate and ice cream. They will also look at the latest gluten-free solutions, along with a range of other ideas to cater for all types of food intolerances.

Andalusia, guest region in the program
Andalusia will star as the guest region for this first edition, with a special focus placed on pastry chefs, smaller bakeries and restaurants from the region throughout the event.

Madrid International Pastry will be based around three different yet complementary areas. Firstly, with a focus on training, the newly formed M*I*P School will host a series of workshops and masterclasses, led by some of the biggest names in the world of Spanish and international pastry today.

In the exhibition space, a total of 27 professionals from the sector will bring their latest products to the table. Meanwhile, the multipurpose La Nube stage will feature a captivating programme of activities, where M*I*P attendees will be able to listen to different talks, attend round tables, presentations and watch live demonstrations, led by the participating professionals.

Various brands and products will be on display in a range of pop-up spaces at the event, along with a series of outdoor food trucks.

Madrid International Pastry will also feature a variety of charity galas and fundraising activities related to healthy eating, sport and accessible gastronomy, in a bid to boost the integration of people with disabilities both into the job market and wider society.

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