July sees a record number of tourists

July sees a record number of tourists


739,061 tourists visited Madrid in July, the highest figure ever recorded for this month.

July data from the Hotel Occupancy Survey conducted by INE (National Statistics Institute) showed that tourism demand in Madrid continued to grow in July, with record highs recorded for both the number of tourists and overnight stays, bringing annual figures to an all-time high.

According to the INE, a large percentage of tourists came from the Americas, with 60,593 visitors from the USA and 90,634 from other countries in North and South America. The highest numbers of European tourists came from the United Kingdom (30,216), France (25,209) and Italy (22,515).

Meanwhile, domestic tourism brought 336,660 Spanish nationals to the city of Madrid. The largest numbers were from Andalusia, Catalonia and the Region of Madrid.

Overnight stays in July

1,456,883, the number of overnight stays recorded in July was also the highest on record for the month, up 5.8% from July 2014, the same annual increase seen in June.

In the past twelve months, travellers have spent 17,296,510 nights in Madrid.