InterContinental Madrid receives the Welcome Chinese Certification

InterContinental Madrid receives the Welcome Chinese Certification

InterContinental Madrid is a trailblazer, having received the Welcome Chinese Certification, and its entire team is devoted, even down to the smallest detail, to ensuring that Chinese customers have the most enjoyable stays. Few five-star hotels in Madrid boast this certification. All of the hotel’s employees have been trained on oriental culture, customs and niceties in order to serve all of its guests and meet their needs. Services offered by the establishment include:



  • Specific Central China Television (CCTV) channels
  • Access to the IHG Translator application
  • A welcome letter in Chinese
  • Specific menus in Chinese
  • Bottled water
  • Training for all staff

There are many niceties and curious features that must be borne in mind. For instance, whenever a document is delivered it must be done with both hands, and decorative elements must avoid the colour white, which is a symbol of bad luck. Numerology is also important. The number eight is preferred, while four is disliked; Chinese clients should be placed on the eighth floor. Different types of tea are also essential, as are firm beds and many other requirements. The Chinese are also superstitious in regard to some foods such as the pear, which brings a married couple bad luck.

InterContinental Madrid offers every possible amenity, including access to a business centre and relaxation in its fitness centre. It is also ideally located on Paseo de la Castellana, a hub for leisure and tourism that will enable guests to make the most of their visit to the city.