Global Dinner

Global Dinner

Palacio Neptuno and Lumentium launch the “Global Dinner” concept in Madrid, a gastronomic journey that begins in the space and shows the relationship between technology, connectivity and the future. The journey wanders through completely disparate natural and urban landscapes over the course of two hours replete with images and 3D mapping.

An innovative gourmet experience, where dishes melt together in synchrony with striking virtual environments. Raw ingredients and materials have been sourced from all over the world solely to create this project, which is managed by a team of catering professionals.

Lumentium is the team of professionals responsible for designing this gourmet experience. They also created “Lux Tables”, a two-table format that projects 3D images and mapping onto the surface of the tables for 88 people simultaneously, featuring a vertical screen as the guiding thread of the show.

“Global Dinner” is held exclusively at Palacio Neptuno, a venue located just metres from Plaza de Neptuno and the Prado Museum.

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