In January MCB applied to host three events: two for national medical conferences to be held in 2018 and 2020 (both large-scale, attracting 3,000 attendees) and one for an international veterinary conference, to be attended by 2,000 people in 2020.

A national conference to be held by the AVEPA (Spanish Small Animal Veterinary Association) has been confirmed for May this year.

There have been two inspection visits for international conferences, one of which was a technical inspection for a conference in 2017 and another as part of a bid for a 2019 event.

Two meetings have been held to discuss new candidacies for the future, involving two different national organisations from the medical and humanitarian sphere. Members of MCB also took part in an OPC conference at the end of the month to win a tender to become the official organiser of a leading medical conference confirmed for Madrid.

In January, MCB provided the following support services:

  1. Welcoming reception for the 4th Creative Cities International Conference, Salón Real, Casa de la Panadería.
  2. Logistical support for the International Congress of Spanish Language Psychoanalysts.