In November, seven bids were submitted for international congresses to be held in 2016-2019 with a total potential participation of over 17,000 delegates, and eight bids were won, including confirmation of two editions of the same congress.

Two inspection tours were made in relation to two bids for international congresses for the years 2016 (ITCH Law Conference) and 2019 (IPA), as well as two technical tours for events confirmed for the years 2017 (FDI) and 2016 (ATM World Congress). MCB congress staff coordinated all visits, transport and logistics for these tours.

Furthermore, four meetings were held with national and international congresses to coordinate the support that the office will provide when the congresses are held in the coming years, as well as the selection of suppliers.

As part of the business plan, the Congress Research team invited the city of Madrid’s science and research sector to a presentation to be given by MCB early next month at Cibeles Palace. MCB’s Convention and Exhibition Centres and PCOs have been called to the meeting.

Progress was also made with developing the 2016 calendar of congresses to be held in Madrid, bringing it up to date.

Support was provided for 25 congresses this month. Among the different types of services offered by the office, 44 specific types of support were received.