Activity in Madrid in November

Activity in Madrid in November

In November, the Madrid Convention Bureau, on behalf of the Madrid City Council’s Tourism Department, provided logistical, media and institutional support to more than 20 congresses, conferences and meetings from different fields and sectors, both national and international; among them were the 2016 Rotary Institute, the Youth Scientific Congress, the 2016 Cruise Summit, the Mediterranean City-to-City Migration Meeting or the IX National Congress of the Spanish Society of Musicology.

On November  15 and 28 the MCB offered welcome receptions to the authorities and invited speakers to the International Congress of Educational and Professional Guidance, IAEVG, and to the Hispano-Portuguese Congress of Underground Waters, respectively. Both receptions took place in the Salón Real (Royal Chamber), in Plaza Mayor, as part of the Council’s support for congresses held in Madrid.

In its continuous effort to prepare for the celebration of the FDI International Congress in Madrid in 2017 the MCB has promoted the destination at previous international meetings of the dental sector in the cities of Geneva (Switzerland), Stockholm (Sweden) and New York (USA). The FDI Congress brings together about 12,000 international delegates annually.

Throughout November the MCB assisted a number of congress organizers with technical visits to Madrid; among these were the highest authorities of an international society dedicated to gastronomy and luxury accommodation, whose congress is confirmed for Madrid in November 2017 (about 600 international delegates), the organizers of the ESPID International Congress, confirmed for Madrid in May 2017 (3,000 international delegates) and another professional meeting in the medical field, confirmed for Madrid in November 2017.