Contemporary Architecture in Madrid

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In the last decades, Madrid has been investing heavily in the contemporary architecture turning it into a city where the new buildings and the old remodeled constructions have become the icons of the Spanish capital. Architects like César Pelli, Norman Foster, Richard Rogers and Herzog & de Meuron have managed to transform the city, perfectly integrating the spaces that seem to come from the future. How about a tour of the streets that are a contemporary art exhibit?  You will find an amazing fusion of aesthetic and functionality and discover all about the innovative use of the materials.

Only twelve kilometres from the city centre, the airport has excellent transport links and a wide range of services.

A building of contemporary architecture which is opened to teh Madrid landscape by a large balcony.

This natural environment surrounded by the Manzanares in the Usera area is ideal for leisure and recreation.

One of the world’s leading art galleries with works by Velázquez, Goya, El Greco, Titian, Rubens and Hieronymus Bosch.

The Reina Sofia Museum boasts one of the finest collections of contemporary art in the world, including Picasso's iconic Guernica.

This vibrant cultural centre is famous for its temporary exhibitions and its amazing vertical garden.

A facade of bamboo is the hallmark of this emblematic sustainable and ecological building in Carabanchel.

In the far north of Castellana is this new “Madrid city” and the highest building in Spain.

A striking hotel for its cutting-edge interior design, the work of leading architects and artists.

The city's old slaughterhouse, at Madrid Rio, has been transformed into a cultural megacomplex.

Running along the bank of the Manzanares River, this beautiful new park is the perfect place to have a long, laid-back lunch and spend the afternoon strolling, cycling or simply people-watching.

Headquarters of BBVA bank in Madrid, including a 93 metre tall elliptical tower known as La Vela.

Set in the Linear Park of the Manzanares River, it is one of the city's great symbols of contemporary architecture.

A key space in Madrid for citizens' artistic experimentation and cultural participation.

Located close to Conde Duque Cultural Centre, this eye-catching building hosts temporary exhibitions and the valuable ABC Collection.

A theatre complex dedicated to technical quality and artistic excellence with a varied program of events.

A non-profit organisation devoted to research, education and the preparation of architecture, design and urban development projects.

LASEDE COAM is a multifunctional and modern complex for the citizen, dedicated to architecture.

A beautiful industrial building dating from the early 20th Century, refurbished in 1996, is home to the Madrid premises of the prestigious foundation from Cantabria.


Telefónica Building, Gran Vía, architecture Madrid

Headquarters of the Free Learning Institution in the heart of the Chamberí neighbourhood.

A unique venue for Ministry of Culture exhibitions and a self-managed collective.

The two Kio Towers, designed by John Burgee Architecs, are the most famous feature of the Madrid skyline.

Atlético de Madrid unveils a new stadium in the San Blas neighbourhood.


Building dedicated to innovation and the dissemination of new technologies located in the district of Villaverde.


An event to discover the world of architecture and urban development through tours, exhibitions and talks (October 2018).

Architecture continues to be the queen of October in Madrid with the city’s cultural heritage festival (October).

  • A short but fascinating introduction to the city’s main museums which boast an important cultural heritage encompassing most European styles

    Art in Madrid Guide (PDF)
  • Art in Madrid Guide
  • Ahora arquitectura (Architecture Now) Guided Tours

    Ahora arquitectura

    All kinds of activities designed to get to know, appreciate and arouse interest in the architecture, urbanism and art by giving a complete overview of the Madrid architecture.

  • A two-day festival which involves the opening of more than one hundred buildings and spaces (29-30 September).

    Open House Madrid
  • Open House Madrid
  • Pasear Madrid (Madrid Walk) Guided Tours

    Pasear Madrid

    College of Architects of Madrid and Madrid Visitors & Convention Bureau get together to organize a tour promoting the cultural and architectural tourism of Madrid.


Make your way up to the observation deck for stunning views of the city.

Climb on board and discover the city in a panoramic format.

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