• Major retrospective of the artist’s oeuvre with works never exhibited before in Spain (Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Till 22 January).

    Renoir. Intimacy
  • Renoir y la Intimidad

Objects of great beauty and importance on loan from the London museum open a window onto Medieval Europe (Caixaforum Madrid. Till 5 February).

First exhibition in Spain dedicated to these early 20th century modern artists (Mapfre Foundation - Recoletos Exhibition Hall. Till 29 January).

A journey through the creative process of the great English filmmaker (Espacio Telefónica Foundationn. Till 5 February).

Retrospective devoted to the well known French photographer (Canal de Isabel II Foundation. Till 8 January).

The finesse and love for detail in the still-lifes of the 17th century Dutch painter (Prado Museum. Till 19 February).

Exhibition of a large selection of the most outstanding works of the renowned Belgian visual artist (Reina Sofía Museum. Till 9 January).


An illustration of how the art and architecture of classical and modern Rome have inspired Bvlgari’s designers over decades. (Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Till 26 February).

Works that capture the humanist view of the great American photographer (Mapfre Foundation. Bárbara de Braganza Exhibition Hall. Till 15 January).


Complete retrospective of the work of the great Latvian photographer (CaixaForum Madrid. Till 26 March).

Large scale Lego sculptures recreate the popular DC Comics characters (Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural de la Villa. Till 5 February).

The origin, evolution and life cycle of sound art creation in Spain from 1961 to the present (Juan March Foundation. Till 15 January).

The drama of refugees decried through photography (Casa del Lector - Matadero. Till 18 December).

A view of the changing role of art over time (Prado Museum. Till 19 February).

Selection of works featuring new artistic languages and national and international artistic practices (Reina Sofia Museum. Till 13 March).

Journey through the drawings of the great Spanish painter (Prado Museum. Till 19 February).

International recognition of the great painter from Valencia through his most outstanding works (Sorolla Museum. Till 19 March).

Coming in 2017
  • The exhibition on the German concentration camp that will travel around the world for seven years will first stop in Madrid (Canal de Isabel II Foundation. March-October 2017).

  • The most outstanding works in the collection of the American institution will be on display at Madrid’s leading museum (Prado Museum. 4 Apr-10 Sept).

    Visions of the Hispanic World. Treasures from the Hispanic Society, Museum and Library
  • Auschwitz
  • Visiones del mundo hispánico. Tesoros de la Hispanic Society, Museo y Biblioteca


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