Vilaplana Catering

Vilaplana Catering
Calle Pinar de San José 98,
28054 Madrid
Telephone Number
(+34) 91 722 52 06

Vilaplana is Compass Group Spain fine dining brand, specializing in high-profile events, with over 40 years of experience.

We deliver with security and are flexible, as we have headquarters in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and more than twenty central kitchens around Spain.

Vilaplana´s gastronomy is made with high-quality products, elegance and innovation.

Our chefs create each dish with care, in order to please the most demanding tastes. The quality of the product, and the respect for its origin, are a must in every single one of our creations.

Products go directly from the garden to the dish, games of flavours, textures, aromas, colours…always with proximity and seasonal products. Villaplana seeks out the balance between cuisine and modern and delicate gastronomy.

Vilaplana Catering
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