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AIM Group International
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28027 Madrid
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AIM Group International is one of the world’s leaders in the organization of congresses, meetings and events. Any size and scope of your event, any industry or sector, we have a plethora of experience to bring to your event. Starting from your needs and your objectives, we provide the best value- for-money-service. We ensure our bargaining power, our technology and our qualified staff to manage your events in all its aspects.
AIM philosophy: dynamism, reliability, flexibility.
Since 2008, AIM Madrid has expanded quickly to incorporate different event proficiencies.  Spain is Passion, and so is our team made of zealous events professionals. Passion is the key element in the deliverance of all our services, allowing clients to have a real taste of what Spain is. Having become capital precisely beacuse of its central location, Madrid is also the ideal staging point from which to reach all of Spain’s surprisingly diverse regions.
AIM Group International
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