Agrupación de Intérpretes de Madrid (AIM)

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Agrupación de Intérpretes de Madrid (AIM)
Calle de la Regalada 7, 1º3,
28007 Madrid
Telephone Number
(+34) 91 534 54 78

We provide interpreting and translation services in Madrid, Spain and worldwide.

In the COP25, we organized interpretation for more than 100 side events over 13 days, mobilising a team of 25 interpreters in 7 languages. Since 2002, we have been providers of translation and interpreting services for the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture both in Madrid and in the field. We have held the interpreting services contract for the International Olive Council since 2009 without interruption, and were awarded the translation contract in 2019.

AIM S.L. has amassed a great amount of experience in organizing teams of multilingual conference interpreters. Most of our partners have extensive professional experience and have been accredited by various international bodies including the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the United Nations.

Offering outstanding professionalism and efficiency, we will help you to organise events in Madrid, so that all participants can express themselves in the language of their choosing.

Agrupación de Intérpretes de Madrid (AIM)
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