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What's on in Madrid

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Palero & Lambán de - La Revoltosa 

Tenor Enrique Viana and pianist Miguel Huertas are performing as part of this tribute to the work of the maestro Ruperto Chapí (Conde Duque - Patio Central. 4-6 August).

SER - Sergio Bernal Dance Company © Albiru

The dancer is presenting his first solo work that fuses flamenco, classical ballet, and contemporary dance (Conde Duque - Central Courtyard. 29 and 30 July).


Bate Fado © José Caldeira

Jonas&Lander will be performing a dance/music show that fuses fado and virtuoso tapdancing (Conde Duque - Patio Central. 27 and 28 July).

Naviluz 2019-2020 Gran Vía-Callao

Tour the city centre and enjoy the Christmas lights on board an open-top festive bus (November 26 2021 to 6 January 2022. Tickets may only be purchased from the official website).

Copa Europea de la Solidaridad (European Solidarity Cup)

Solidarity initiative by Real Madrid, FC Bayern and Inter Milan in support of the heroes who are fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic (Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. In 2021. Date to be confirmed).