What have you brought me? Souvenirs from Madrid

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Tourism in Madrid offers so many options that there is always an appealing plan left on the back burner. However, what can never be missed out is that time devoted to family and friends, because we want them to receive the message that we remembered them  on our return  in the form of a souvenir or a small detail referring to our city’s identity.  

If you are looking for something more original than the typical Osborne bull magnet, a mug with the Alcalá Gate or a key ring with an image of Puerta del Sol, we can offer you some suggestions to surprise your loved ones, due to their uniqueness and attractiveness, and which transmit the image of a modern and creative Madrid.

  1. Spanish omelette in a tin

You can find it in a shop at Number  24 Plaza Mayor called Memories of Madrid which is run by two young entrepreneurs,  Guillermo Pérez and Patricia Álvarez, who aim to take this traditional dish to all corners of the world.

The tins are printed with a year, ranging from 1939 to the current year, so that the client can choose the one he/she prefers. Now, they have realised that people are living longer and they are going to extend the catalogue to 1919. Each year is accompanied by ephemerid and a unique character born in that year.  

To set the record straight, the omelette is preserved only n extra virgin olive oil and does not contain any preservatives or suspicious additives. Warning for browsers:  to make them more juicy, they all have onion as a ingredient.

2. An illustrated map of a fragment of Madrid

A good gift idea are the guides and maps of Madrid neighbourhoods illustrated by artists such as  Relajaelcoco or Ricardo Cavolo and which can be bought at the Walk With Me shop, at Number 30 Calle del León. They are made with recycled paper and ecological inks.

3. A set of postcards of Madrid with a message

“My Madrid for you” is a set of 15 postcards designed by the Brazilian illustrator, Bia Melo, a fan of Madrid who sums up our city, its people and its culture to perfection, because they have small details that bring a smile to faces.

Bound with fabric and glued inside to facilitate extraction, it contains messages such as “Thanks for your visit”,  the slogan taken from the napkins in the most typical bars.  

You can buy them in some shops, such as El Moderno (Corredera Baja de San Pablo, 19), or directly from the author, Bia Melo.

4. Original paintings of Madrid

If you want to invest in an exclusive work of art, visit Cuadros Guapos (Carlos Arniches, 32), a curious shop in the heart of the Rastro which is a meeting point for artisans, painters and illustrators in the Embajadores area.

They are works that show the best side of Madrid in the form of skylines, icons, landscapes, sunsets, with references to the Metro, the Gran Vía or the Madrid nightlife. There are laminates and illustrations signed by, for example, José G. Alcalá or Martha Ulloa, and the colourful pop art style predominates.

5. A small gem from the Prado Museum

The Prado Museum shop offers small gems referring to the most emblematic paintings. And they are available at an affordable price.  We can give some clues: you can buy pendants with the silhouette of a  Menina or with the dog from the most famous painting by Velázquez or a bracelet with a hedgehog from The Garden of Earthly Delights.

The shop also offers a customised printing service on paper or canvas with high resolution reproductions  of the masterpieces from the Prado Museum’s permanent collection.  

6. Strawberry Liqueur

The bear and the strawberry  tree form part of Madrid’s  Coat of Arms. Everybody knows what it is, but many people are unaware that the strawberry tree  gives a unique fruit that is used to make a liqueur which can be bought in different shops around the capital.

If, you also want to know the history and get the label with the Madrid icon, go to the Lavapiés neighbourhood, to Bodegas Mariano Madrueño (Calatrava, 19), to get this home-made  liqueur from Cruz Palomo, who made it famous and prestigious at a workroom in Calle Caravaca.

7. For football fans

If you are a football fan and want to buy a  souvenir, accessory or gift from one of the clubs in Madrid, the official stores of all the city’s teams offer a wide range of options, from the typical shirt or kit  with the players’ bib to a scarf or a cap with the team’s logo. You can choose between the official  Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid or Rayo Vallecano stores.

8. A souvenir of Metro de Madrid

Metro de Madrid celebrates its 100th anniversary and the Metro shop commemorates it with a new catalogue of gifts. There are key rings, agendas, notebooks, bags, pencils, T-shirts…

9. Violeta Sweets

At Number 6 Plaza de Canalejas, next to Puerta del Sol, there is a unique sweet shop, La Violeta, one of the best known shops in Madrid.

Founded in 1915, this family-run business –which still conserves the original counter, display units and glass and ceramic jars– is famous for its delicious sweets in the shape and tasting like violet. It is an ideal gift for friends and family.

10. Saffron Treasures

Although it is typical of La Mancha, we can recommend ecological saffron as a culinary souvenir  or, otherwise, some of the attractive products prepared with this coveted “red gold” which is sold at La Melguiza, a stylish store located at Number  12 on the central Calle de Santiago.

Here, saffron has been reinvented and is camouflaged inside chocolate, sweets, jams or Manchego cheese patés. They also sell salt flakes, extra virgin olive oil  and, even, cosmetic products, al of which include saffron.

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