Lata Peinada

First bookshop in Madrid dedicated exclusively to Latin American literature, in Chueca.

Taschen Store Madrid

Store of the leading German publishing house in Salesas.

Fnac (Preciados)

The French retail group’s flagship store in Spain, dedicated entirely to leisure and culture, is  located between Calle Preciados and Plaza de Callao.

Desperate Literature

Bookstore that buys and sells international literature, located between Opera and Callao.

Molar Discos & Libros

La Latina’s book-, comics- and record-store with an interesting cultural program.

El arte del cómic

Over five hundred original comics can be found in this bookshop-cum-gallery located in the area of Conde Duque.

Mujeres & Compañía

Bookshop specialised in narratives written by and for women.

PANGEA The Travel Store

The world’s largest travel store is in Madrid, in the heart of the Salamanca district.


One of the best known comic stores in Spain, winner of the Eisner Spirit of Comics Award in 2012.


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