Teatros del Canal

A modern theatre complex that stages major Spanish and international theatre performances and concerts.

Teatro Galileo

A large municipal cultural centre highlighting the Galileo room, with a family and arthouse theatre programme. 

Teatro Valle-Inclán

Second headquarters of the National Drama Centre holds, in particular, classical shows from the 20th century.

Teatro Sanpol

A pioneer theatre, located near the Madrid Río area, offering plays for the little ones.

Teatro Rialto

Inaugurated as a cinema in 1930, it is currently the oldest active theatre on Gran Vía in Madrid.

Teatro Príncipe Gran Vía

Located in the Sol / Gran Vía area, this theatre has an ample programme that is almost wholly dedicated to comedy.

Teatro Pradillo

This iconic Madrid theatre is a live and plural space - that aims to generate reflection.

Pavón Teatro Kamikaze

This beautiful building, located in Lavapiés, is one of Madrid’s first buildings to be built entirely in the Art Decó style.

Teatro Nuevo Apolo

The Teatro Nuevo Apolo holds large national and international musical shows.

Teatro Muñoz Seca

This pleasant space is located in an exceptional enclave right in the centre of the city, in the Sol / Gran Vía district.


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