Teatro Tribueñe

Alternative theatre, located in the Ventas district, whose programme has received important awards.

Teatro del Barrio

Cooperative theatre and an artistic, political and cultural platform.

Microteatro por dinero

A new performance form: small shots of theatre in small spaces at accessible prices.

Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural de la Villa

Located in Plaza de Colón, this cultural centre holds diverse cultural activities and theatre shows.

Teatro Español

A witness of the history of Madrid, the Teatro Español has been holding theatre shows since the 16th century.

Teatro EDP Gran Vía

One of the traditional theatres of Madrid, notable for its intimate environment for watching theatre and concerts.

Teatro Victoria

A theatre whose distinguishing feature is programming classical plays from modern perspectives.

Teatro Infanta Isabel

The Teatro Infanta Isabel is one of the oldest and most representative stage settings in Madrid.

La Casa Encendida

The most Vanguardist artistic expressions meet in this Neo-Moorish building in Lavapiés.


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