Royal Collections Museum

This impressive museum, which stands between the Royal Palace and Almudena Cathedral, will display the enormous cultural wealth that has been treasured by the Spanish Monarchy from the Middle Ages to the present day.  Opening in 2022.

Museum of Illusions Madrid

Discover in this recently opened museum the world of optical illusions, where nothing is what it seems. Very close to the Puerta del Sol.

Ciudad del Arte. Museo Zapadores

Contemporary art cultural space in Fuencarral, second headquarters of the La Neomudéjar Museum.

Former vestibule at Pacífico Station

Discover this refurbished former metro station, opened in 1923 in the Retiro district. CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Real Conservatorio Superior de Música

The most important music teaching institution in Spain.

Museo Eduardo Torroja

Artistic space that conserves and disseminates the legacy of Eduardo Torroja, the engineer who designed La Zarzuela racecourse. Temporarily closed

Museo EMT

A museum dedicated to urban buses and the history of public overground transport in Madrid. Every Saturday from April to October. TEMPORARILY CLOSED.

The Robot Museum

A museum in the ABC shopping centre, in Barrio de Salamanca district, showing the largest collection of robots in Europe.


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