Torre de Avenida de América

Residential tower block built in the international style in the Avenida de América.

Edificio de la Unión y el Fénix

Former headquarters of the spanish insurance company, in Chamberi.

Torre Europa

One of Madrid's most emblematic skyscrapers, located right by the Santiago Bernabeú Stadium.

Torre del Complejo Cuzco

One of five buildings that make up the Cuzco complex of ministerial departments.


Parroquia Virgen de la Paloma

This parish is home to the painting of the Virgin of Paloma, painted in the 17th century.

El Cerro de los Ángeles

El Cerro de los Ángeles is considered by many to be the geographic centre of the Iberian Peninsula.

Monastery of El Escorial

One of the best architectural examples of the Spanish Golden century, this monumental complex was commissioned by Felipe II.

Department of Biology and Geology

An important teaching and research centre working in diverse fields of biology and geology.  

Department of Medicine

Severo Ochoa and Ramón y Cajal, two Spaniards who won the Nobel Prize for Medicine, gave classes in its halls.

Puente de los Franceses

Viaduct located in the district of Moncloa, allowing trains coming from the north to reach Príncipe Pío Station.


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