Kreisler Art Gallery

This art gallery has established itself as a reference for the promotion of the best Spanish and international artists.

Juana de Aizpuru Art Gallery

Situated in the area of Las Salesas, this is one of Spain’s preeminent art galleries.

Helga de Alvear Art Gallery

Specialising in photography and video, it enjoys a solid reputation and a occupies prime position in Lavapiés.

La Caja Negra Graphic Arts Gallery

This gallery situated in Las Salesas district holds an important collection of works by the most representative creators in graphic art.

Espacio Mínimo Art Gallery

This spot in Lavapiés showcases the latest national and international ideas in visual art.

Sala de Exposiciones Arqueria Nuevos Ministerios

This exhibition space by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport realizes different exhibitions and cultural activities related with architecture.

Royal Photographic Society

The Royal Photographic Society, located in Lavapies, schedules all types of activities for photography lovers.

Velázquez Palace

Velázquez Palace,in the Retiro Park, is a magestic building covered with domes of steel and glass.

Spanish Film Library

Organisation responsible for preserving and disseminating Spanish film heritage. It shows films at Cine Doré, a cinema housed in a modernist-style building in Lavapies.  CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE


El Águila Complex

The former beer factory "El Águila" is now a multidisciplinary complex that combines an exhibition room, the Joaquín Leguina Regional Library, and the Community of Madrid Regional Archive.


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