MINIMA espacio escénico

An unconventional stage space in the Lavapiés neighbourhood.

Cine Proyecciones

Emblematic cinema in Calle Fuencarral, a classic for those popcorn-filled afternoons.

Lucía Mendoza Art Gallery

At this art gallery located in Salesas , exhibitions are held and certified valuations are performed.

Fernando Pradilla Gallery

This gallery, located in the Salamanca district, forms a bridge to contemporary Latin American art.

Jorge Alcolea Gallery

Modern art gallery in the Barrio de Salamanca quarter.

David Bardía Galería de Arte

Art gallery specialized in current avant-garde and contemporary Spanish artists situated in Salamanca district.

Institut Français

Training, debates, exhibitions and shows at the cultural centre of France in Madrid.

Centro Sefarad - Israel

Cultural embassy for Jewish communities from all over the world, especially the Sephardim community.  CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

Casa Árabe

A meeting point between Spain and the Arab world, this cultural institution hosts exhibitions, films, talks among other activities.


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