Triball: indulge in some pampering

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An up-and-coming area with cultural and social power, Triball has fashion and accessories, beauty and wellness, leisure and restaurants where you can try food from all over the world.

Triángulo de Ballesta (Triball) makes a carefree, casual and practical commercial district. Located close to Gran Vía, this triangular area is bordered by Ballesta, Valverde, Desengaño, Corredera Baja de San Pablo and Barco streets and by Plaza Santa María Soledad Torres Acosta (or, as locals call it, Plaza de la Luna, ‘Moon Square’). Triball has reinvented itself, creating spaces dedicated to culture, fashion, food and shopping.

Brands and custom-tailored clothing

Amidst historical buildings, the parish churches of San Martín and San Ildefonso, the home of the Royal Academy of Sciences and the legendary Teatro Lara, Triball has a vibrant commercial life, designers who’re taking their first steps in the fashion industry shaking hands with well-established brands here.

You’ll find clothing from Dolores Promesas, Deffort, Kling and Monkey Garden, sports shoes by Consuela and elegant shoes by Cuplé. Before a special event, visit Carlos Castro for a headdress and Miguel Crespí for wedding gowns. Also, Triball is the perfect place to get tailor-made clothes.

Beauty & wellness

Body care has made its way into Triball, where there are gyms, hair salons and beauty parlours. From the unique style of José Navarro Studio to Gymage Lounge Resort, featuring a huge fitness room and a rooftop lounge where you can have a cocktail, a smoothie or a cup of coffee, there are lots of things you can do to pamper yourself.

Food from around the world

In the neighbourhood that welcomed Ramón Gómez de la Serna – a ‘passionate resident,’ as he described himself – and where Max Aub set his novel La calle de Valverde, you’ll come to distant places by eating in local restaurants. Here, you can try dishes from China, the Mediterranean, Argentina, Lebanon, Mexico, Ecuador, Italy, Sardinia (Aiò restaurant), Germany (Senf takeaway) and the typical French crêpes (Ma Bretagne, one of the first crêperies established in Madrid).

Finally, there’s a handful of multipurpose cultural spaces that offer food and art under a single roof. La Realidad, on Calle Corredera Baja de San Pablo, and Microteatro por dinero, on Calle Loreto y Chicote, offer a mix of courses, art shows, music, design, literature and intimate theatrical performances. The Espacio Valverde gallery runs interesting exhibitions, while Generación X has the latest comic books and graphic novels.


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