Las Salesas: heaven for gourmets and fashionistas

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With design as its undisputed star, this neighbourhood is nowadays a veritable urban catwalk for independent fashion. But this isn’t all it has to offer, as in Salesas you may find from image and sound through gourmet shops, delis and grocer’s stores to bookshops.

Its skyline dominated by two magnificent buildings, the Longoria Palace, home to the offices of the Spanish Society of Authors (SGAE), and Las Salesas Reales Convent, now a church, this shopping area stretches down a number of streets, composing a huge shopping mall. Conde de Xiquena, Argensola, Almirante, Bárbara de Braganza, Fernando VI, Prim, Piamonte, Barquillo and other adjoining thoroughfares provide a pleasant and alluring environment for shopping all year round.

What makes Salesas special are its multi-brand retailers, as well as the Spanish and international boutiques – Yube, Nice Things, NAC – that line up along its streets. For urban-style clothing head to Baccana, Elsa or Monoplaza, where design rules and shoppers can find all kinds of items, from sportswear and casual apparel to elegant and sophisticated garments.

In Salesas you’ll find everything to look beautiful from head to toe. Aimée’s designs and Castañer, a Spanish firm which has ushered espadrilles into the world of international fashion, are great starting points for footwear.

Of course, there’s more than fashion in the area. Attractions include a rich cultural life, with long-standing bookshops like Antonio Machado and plenty of art venues, such as the Antonio de Suñer or the Oliva Arauna galleries, both along Calle Barquillo. And prepare to get seduced by art in the form of flower arrangements at the Margarita se llama mi amor flower shop.


In this major shopping district between Calle Fernando VI and Plaza de Santa Bárbara, the most exquisite gourmet food holds sway: olive oil, wine, cheese, chocolate and mouth-watering breads and cakes, like those they make at Cosmen & Keiless, will all catch your eye. Establishments like Delishop will delight you with specialties from all over the world, from Japan to South America and from Greece to the Middle East.

At the end of Calle Fernando VI stands the new Barceló Market. Actually, work is still underway, but the market is bound to become one of the area’s attractions for those keenly interested in food. Under its modern architecture, some stalls are already open to the public.

Creative cuisine

When you take a break from shopping, be sure not to miss the unique coffee houses in the area, with their relaxed, bohemian atmosphere. The creativity that’s the hallmark of the shops at Salesas is to be found also in its cuisine, with plenty of restaurants where local flavours merge with those from other countries


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