Other areas: getting away from the crowds

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Less central areas of the city, such as Príncipe de Vergara-Colombia, the north section of Calle Bravo Murillo or Ciudad Lineal, are great shopping destinations with lively activity at weekends. It’s time to hit the shops!

Príncipe de Vergara-Colombia 

Príncipe de Vergara is one of the longest streets in Madrid, with 280 buildings sitting between Calle Alcalá and Plaza del Perú. Easily accessible, it’s one of the city’s widest thoroughfares, with an ample pavement to wander up and down. It brings you traditional shops, and a large number of eateries alongside fashion retailers to suit all tastes. 

In Barrio de Hispanoamérica, furniture shops abound, side by side with all kinds of traditional stores. In addition, on the corner of Calle Bolivia and Calle Potosí stands the Chamartín Market, which comprises close to one hundred stalls (food, shoe repair and hardware included). Also set on Calle Príncipe de Vergara is the National Music Auditorium

Bravo Murillo (North) 

This is another of Madrid’s longest thoroughfares. Swarming with shoppers at every time of day along its north stretch, from Glorieta de Cuatro Caminos up to Plaza de Castilla, it plays host to a rich mix of the main fashion and accessories brands, mobile phones and photography shops.

In this multicultural neighbourhood of the Tetuán district, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to dining out, whether it’s Moroccan, Italian, Chinese, vegetarian or a wide array of other cuisines. And finally, for those in need of supplies, the Maravillas Market, one of the largest in the city, offers a broad range of goods in the food, cleaning, stationery and lingerie departments. It has as many as 250 stalls, including a travel agency! 

Ciudad Lineal 

This district of Madrid comprises the neighbourhoods of Ventas, Pueblo Nuevo, Quintana, Concepción, San Pascual, San Juan Bautista, Colina, Atalaya and Costillares. Its name originated in the idea of a ‘linear city’, an urban planning project by Spanish urban developer Arturo Soria, whose name was given to one of the district’s main streets. Here, the most vibrant trade area is the stretch of Calle Alcalá that runs between Plaza de Ventas and Arturo Soria-Hermanos García Noblejas street. The main fashion and accessories brands are to be found here, interspersed with multi-brand shops or more classical boutiques.


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