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san isidro 2018
Capilla de San Isidro
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Chapel dedicated to the Patron Saint of Madrid in La Latina.

Festivals, sweets, chotis dance and bullfights in the feast honouring Madrid’s patron saint.

Bailando chotis San Isidro 2018
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Madrid will hold festivities in honour of its patron saint, with music, shows and an endless range of activities for all. (14 to 16 May 2021)

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The grave of San Isidro, patron saint of the city is located in the interior of the old cathedral of Madrid.

Fuente de San Isidro
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Fountain where it is said that Saint Isidro performed one of his miracles.

Parque de San Isidro (autor: Asqueladd)
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This park in the district of Carabanchel hosts the Fiestas de San Isidro that honour Madrid's patron saint.

Ermita de San Isidro
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Simple temple where the Patron Saint of Madrid is worshipped.

IES San Isidro
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The capital's oldest teaching centre dates back to the fourteenth century and retains ancient treasures of the Spanish Baroque period.

Cementerio Sacramental de San Isidro
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This cemetery is the oldest in Madrid and stands out for its great artistic and landscape value.

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The blessing of the water of the fountain, the Quinario, the Solemn Mass and the Procession are some of the key religious moments of the festivities (10-15 May 2020)

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This Chapel is a small jewel of the Baroque that housed the remains of San Isidro, patron of the city of Madrid.

Museo de San Isidro
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In La Latina, one of the most authentic neighbourhoods of Madrid, you can immerse yourself in the city’s history.

Mercado de San Miguel

One of the most emblematic traditional markets of Madrid converted into a gourmet paradise, close to the Plaza Mayor. CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

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This historic building, totally restored, is a must-see in the La Latina tourist area.


The headquarters of this authentic Madrid bakery is in the Austrias neighborhood.

Peyote San

Fusion of Mexican and Japanese gastronomies right by the Plaza de Colón. 

Parroquia de San Millán y San Cayetano
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Built in 1669, this magnificent church is one of the main icons of Baroque architecture in Madrid.

Iglesia de San Manuel y San Benito
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This church, located opposite the Retiro Park, is one of the icons of Madrid’s Neo-Byzantine architecture.

Iglesia de San Antón
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Church located in the district of Chueca dedicated to the patron saint of animals, San Antonio Abad.

Castillo San Martín de Valdeiglesias © Comunidad de Madrid

San Juan reservoir, Coracera Castle and the Enchanted Forest are the principal attractions of this town in the Sierra Oeste of Madrid.