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Quique Dacosta. Deessa

Chef Quique Dacosta is in charge of the cuisine served at the Mandarin Oriental Ritz's gastronomic restaurant, where you can enjoy cutting-edge dishes in a unique setting. Awarded a Michelin Star 2022.

El Invernadero - Rodrigo de la Calle

Rodrigo de la Calle’s gastrobotanica has had its Michelin star and Green Star confirmed in the 2022 Michelin Guide for the Ponzano establishment.


Javier Aranda received his 2017 Michelin star with this restaurant that is his most personal project yet.


The Galician chef, Manuel Domínguez, shows off his Michelin star with his creative come traditional cuisine at his restaurant in Chamberí.

David Palomar. Flamenco Real. 3 y 4 febrero 2022 en el Teatro Real
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A total of 14 shows with leading artists from flamenco song and dance, such as Amador Rojas, Alba Heredia and Antonio Lizana (Salón de Baile, Teatro Real. 4 Nov-22 Jul. See dates).

Paco Roncero Restaurante

Awarded two Michelin stars, the restaurant run by Paco Roncero is the best example of the gastronomic avant-garde.

From flamenco shows, cutting-edge plays and gravity-defying circus acts to the staging of operatic masterpieces and Spanish operettas, Madrid has something for all tastes.

Quimbaya (©Quimbaya by Edwin Rodríguez)

Chef Edwin Rodríguez’s signature cuisine has earned the Colombian restaurant its first Michelin star.  


Located in Hotel Único, in the Salamanca district, this is an exceptional gastronomic experience well deserving of its two Michelin stars.


The Kabuki seal of quality joins forces with Wellington to offer one of the best Japanese restaurants.

Fundación Scherzo. Maria João Pires
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The Great Musicians concert programme includes a performance by the Portuguese pianist in collaboration with La Filarmónica (National Music Auditorium - Sala Sinfónica. 4 October).

Dani García

Hyatt Regency Hesperia’s boutique restaurant headed up by Chef Dani Garcia where you can enjoy flame grilled haute cuisine. Awarded two Michelin Stars 2022.

Yugo The Bunker

Barrio de las Letras boasts this Japanese haute cuisine restaurant by Julián Mármol, 2019 Michelin star winner.

Last chance
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An immersive experience with more than 1,000 images of the artist’s paintings via large-format screens (Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural de la Villa. 5 Oct-23 Jan).

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Annual cycle devoted to the exhibition and performance of activities related to the world of puppets and marionettes (Teatro Valle-Inclán. Saturdays and Sundays. 27-28 Nov; 18-19 Dec; 15-16 Jan; 26-27 Feb; 5-6 Mar; 23-24 Apr; 21-22 May; 4-5 Jun).

Galería Jorge Alcolea
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Modern art gallery in the Barrio de Salamanca quarter.

Mercado de motores
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Monthly vintage market held in the south of the city (Railway Museum. Second weekend of the month. Next edition: To be confirmed).

Where you live and breathe art and culture, and the best flamenco artists are made.

Relevo solemne de la Guardia Real
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Don’t miss the weekly Changing of the Guard held every Wednesday and Saturday, and the Solemn Changing of the Guard on the first Wednesday of the month (Next Solemn Changing: 2 February 2022).

Galeria de Arte David Bardía
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Art gallery specialized in current avant-garde and contemporary Spanish artists situated in Salamanca district.