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Alrededores de Madrid con niños

Come to Madrid with your kids: fabulous amusement parks, amazing green spaces and awesome football stadiums.

The Literary Quarter does not rest on any day of the week. Here, you will find a plan, whatever your age, style or favourite pastime.  

The Salamanca neighbourhood comes to life at night and offers a sophisticated atmosphere full of elegance.

Legendary venues sit cheek by jowl with nightclubs in this major LGTBIQA+ hotspot that is always open to fun and respect.

A neighbourhood that has marked the Madrid nightlife, cradle of the famous ‘Madrid Movement’ of the 1980s and eternal refuge for all types of nocturnal fauna.

Princesa is one of those areas where you can feel refreshed and renewed thank to its youthful nightlife scene.

Compras de lujo

Let’s visit some of the most exclusive and sophisticated shops in Madrid. The most popular luxury brands from Spain rub shoulders with renowned international firms.

Experiencias selectas en Madrid

Lovers of luxury are spoilt for choice in Madrid, the place to go for once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Un paseo por las galerías de arte de Madrid

These are some of the most outstanding art galleries in the city.

Moda de España

No trip to Madrid would be complete without an afternoon (or day!) of shopping.

El Corral de la Morería

One of the city's most pleasant neighbourhoods at any time of day: popular with tapas enthusiasts during the day, it also offers a lively night scene.

Medias Puri – The Secret

Reggae, hip-hop, rock, flamenco and belly dancing all flow together at night in Madrid's most intercontinental district.

El Madrid más clásico

Landmarks, museums, parks, medieval squares and stately homes are waiting for you in the traditional part of town, where you can find a bargain at El Rastro or go out for tapas.

Discover the best places for a run in Madrid (make sure your check our map!), and its most famous races. 

Live music spanning all the different genres and the chance to dance the night away. Anything is possible as night falls in the district of Austrias.


After work venues, clubs and pubs turn the heart of Madrid’s financial district into a place for night owls.

Sol-Gran Vía

Discover some of Madrid’s best bars and clubs in the area surrounding Puerta del Sol and Gran Vía.

De tapas por Madrid

Here’s a list of the best tapas bars in Madrid for a most enjoyable culinary experience.

Anticuarios y almonedas

A tour of the areas where you can find the best dealers in valuable antiques and collectibles.

Madrid para sibaritas

Premium experiences and venues for discerning visitors.