Joaquín Cortés - Vuelta a la esencia

Show postponed to 2022. New dates to be confirmed

The flamenco dancer, Joaquín Cortés, is back on stage on 15 April at the WiZink Center with a flamenco dance show in which he seeks to proclaim and pay tribute to the authenticity of this art.  

It is a piece in which the dancer merges flamenco with salsa and jazz.  His original soundtrack was composed by Joaquín Cortés himself and the Carbonell brothers.  The performance also includes the participation of other famous artists, such as Estrella Morente, Pitingo, Tomatito or Miguel Poveda.

Born in Cordoba in 1969, Joaquín Pedraja Reyes, better known as Joaquín Cortés, is an Andalusian dancer, choreographer and director who was already a member of the Spanish National Ballet at the age of 14.  He has performed in such important theatres as the Metropolitan Opera House in New York or the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow.

His most outstanding productions include Live, Mi soledad or Calé in which he has integrated the most emblematic movements of flamenco, contemporary dance and classical ballet. He has also starred in the film Gitano (Gypsy), written by the journalist, Arturo Pérez-Reverte, and he was named the “Universal Spaniard” in 1993.

He has been working professionally for 35 years, a path that has made him one of the leading flamenco references worldwide.  So much so that in 2009, UNESCO declared his artistic legacy to be Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, several years before the same declaration was given to flamenco.

Joaquín Cortés - Vuelta a la esencia
Joaquín Cortés - Vuelta a la esencia


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