Galería Aural

Founded in 2001, in Alicante, since December 2019 Aural has had new premises in Madrid, in the heart of Chueca, seeking to consolidate the gallery’s project, based on defending contemporary artistic practices by working with national and international artists whose discourses are based on a personal line of investigation and contemporary thought.

It promotes interest in all artistic disciplines (painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, video, new technologies, installations, performances, etc...) and enables the realisation of specific projects that explore other territories and amplify the expressive capacity of artistic practices and languages.

Aural puts on exhibitions of work by artists whose career was established and developed in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s​; it also collaborates with emerging artists. The artists represented include Concha Jerez, Anna Bella Geiger,​​ Javier Vallhonorat, ​Pep Agut, Fernando Sinaga, Luis Gordillo, Judith Egger, ​Bruno Munari​, and José Maldonado.

The gallery organises its own programme with a view to promoting and raising the profile of different artists, also taking part in art shows, and generating synergies with institutions, museums, and collections.

In parallel with these activities, Aural launched a publishing project in May 2012, based around publications of projects by contemporary artists and also working to increase the profile and visibility of each artist’s research, thinking, and intellectual dimension.

Galería Aural
Galería Aural
Galería Aural
Galería Aural

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de Pelayo, 68
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Tue– Fri: 11am– 7pm

Saturday:  11am– 2pm

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(+34) 912 595 508
Alonso Martínez (L4, L5, L10)
Chueca (L5)
002, 3, 21, 37, C03