Carnival Parade 2020

The city is gearing up to enjoy another edition of the popular carnival. One of the programme’s top events is the parade which will go along Madrid Río Park, Glorieta de Pirámides and the multipurpose Arganzuela Esplanade.

This year’s parade will celebrate the diversity of all the Ibero-American cultures that have found a place in Madrid, inviting us to dance to the rhythms of music from the Baranquilla carnival (Colombia), enjoy the traditions of the Fiestas de La Vega (Dominican Republic) and Oruro (Bolivia), learn traditional dances from different regions in Ecuador and, of course, dance a samba as though we were in Rio de Janeiro.

The event will be a wonderful mix of contemporary and traditional cultures in which DJs and electronic music will converse with charangas, batucadas, orchestras and traditional dances.

Route of the 2020 Carnival Parade (click to enlarge):

Plano desfile / pasacalles Carnaval Madrid 2020. Pulsa en la imagen para ampliar.


Desfile/pasacalles Carnaval 2020 Madrid Río
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