Lukas Graham

The Danish pop-soul band lead by the vocalist Lukas Forchhammer returns to Spain for the new The Purple Tour where they will present their new studio album titled 3 (The Purple Album) and the first single off the album Love Someone.

From the free-living enclave of Christiania in Copenhagen, Lukas Graham Forchhammer and his boys - Mark “Lovestick” Falgren on drums, Morten “Rissi” Ristorp on keys, and Magnus “Magnum” Larsson on bass - have crafted a combination of funky pop and R&B stylings, which made them popular in their home country of Denmark.

Even though rap may be the most unexpected element in their music, they claim that Dr. Dre’s 2001 album simply changed their lives. With his soulful delivery and honest lyrics, Graham recounted tales of family strife, poor decisions, and the celebration of life that was well received outside Denmark.

Their second album was released in 2015 and earned international attention with singles like Mama Said and 7 Years, the latter of which peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 list (among other countries’ charts), amassing among the two more than 800 million views on YouTube. With this new tour they present their third studio album 3 (The Purple Album) and the first single off the album is Love Someone. It is another one of the singles where the author uses his honest lyrics to describe feelings of “love that I am feeling that is unlike anything I have ever felt before”.


Lukas Graham
Lukas Graham
Lukas Graham
Lukas Graham
Lukas Graham

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