Florida Retiro

This legendary venue and nightclub, located in El Retiro Park, is a modern multi-purpose space dedicated to entertainment and gastronomy, and its dinner-shows are particularly popular.  There is a restaurant for a la carte dining as well as a tapas bar, in addition to a market with different themed stands, and a lovely terrace with views.

Located in a 19th Century building, over the years it has been many different things, from a spa to a tearoom. As a concert venue and nightclub, it has welcomed the likes of Tina Turner and Ray Charles on stage, and it is said that Ava Gardner was a regular here back in the day. Without losing its glamour and in keeping with the times, it currently offers three-hour shows for guests to enjoy as they dine, sampling dishes prepared by chef Ivan Cerdeño.

Florida Retiro is divided into five spaces:

  • El Pabellón, a restaurant where Michelin starred chef Ivan Cerdeño presents versions of legendary recipes by Carmen de Montesión, including dishes created for Florida Retiro that are rooted in traditional local gastronomy.

  • La Galería, a 360º space where you can enjoy a wide variety of sharing platters and innovative tapas. Cosy but bright, it is partly open to the park, and there is no need to book.

  • La Terraza, a roof-top terrace located above El Pabellón, next to the dome of King Ferdinand VII, where you can admire beautiful sunsets as you enjoy a sophisticated evening surrounded by warm colours, inspired by the oasis of the Moroccan desert, sipping a signature cocktail designed by bartender Oscar Molina.

  • Los Kioskos, a large terrace area that merges with the trees in the surrounding park, where you can sample a wide variety of street food made at six different stalls or kiosks based on different themes and products.

  • La Cupula, the most avant-garde place in Florida Retiro, where you can enjoy select cocktails and drinks designed by Oscar Molina and dance until dawn to Spanish music and rumba covers. It has private areas and VIP tables.

Elegant and contemporary, this space was designed by two of the big names in this industry, the interior designer Guillermo García-Hoz and the decorator Pascuà Ortega.

Florida Retiro
Florida Retiro
Florida Retiro
Florida Retiro
Florida Retiro

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Ibiza (L9)
Príncipe de Vergara (L2, L9)
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