Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year, which has been commemorated for over 4,000 years, bids farewell to winter, celebrates the start of a new harvest and welcomes a new season which is why it is also known as Spring Festival.

Usually, the Chinese New Year in Madrid is packed with free cultural and festive events and activities for all ages. The programme lasts for a month although the main highlights (such as the Light Festival and the Multicultural Parade which are both held in Usera) take place on the weekend that coincides with the start of the Lunar New Year. The programme is put together in collaboration with the Chinese Embassy, various associations, artistic groups, neighbour in the Usera district, Instituto Confucio and Casa Asia.

Multicultural Parade and the Light Festival 

One of the most awaited moments for residents and visitors who celebrate the Chinese New Year is the Multicultural Parade which winds through the main streets of Usera (Route: Departs from the corner of Calle de Marcelo Usera and Calle del Olvido, then goes down Avenida de Rafaela Ibarra to Calle Dolores Barranco).

On the previous evening there is a traditional Light Festival, a show with lights, music and colours. From the square in front of Usera District Council, participants are guided to the Pradolongo Park, where live music is played in the bandstand next to the lake. Floating lanterns are handed out to adults and children so they can place them on the lake and make a wish for the New Year. At 8pm, there is a firework display designed especially for the Chinese New Year.


China Taste

Every year over a dozen haute-cuisine restaurants who are renowned for their outstanding and authentic food as well as their excellent service take part in this event which aims to highlight Chinese cuisine.

For around a month, restaurants offer special festive menus at affordable prices comprising the most traditional dishes in Chinese gastronomy.


Pasacalles / Desfile Año Nuevo Chino Usera (Madrid)  2019
Fuegos artificiales tras Ceremonia de la luz en el Lago del Parque de Pradolongo. Año Nuevo Chino Usera (Madrid)  2019
China Taste

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