Casa Decor

Casa Decor opens its doors again to reveal the latest tendencies in interior design, architecture, design and art. This 57th edition will take place from May to June 2022 (dates to be confirmed) and like every year, it boasts real, proportioned and well lit spaces in an excellent state of repair. 

Each artist or company has rented and fitted out one of the rooms, turning the space into a showcase for their work. Decorators, interior designers, architects, designers, landscapers and plastic artists have the opportunity to show off their work in an exclusive context of state of the art and high-end decoration.

Casa Decor is an exclusive communication platform that brings together the three main vertices of the decoration sector: designers, commercial brands and the general public. Each edition attracts over 200 participating exhibitors, including professionals and firms.

This congress began in 1992 with the participation of a group of 43 decorators who were responsible for refurbishing a former convent in Madrid. Now, a quarter of a century later, more than two million visitors have passed through its exhibitions, with an average of 40,000 people to each building.

Casa Decor 2021 - Casa de Tomás Allende

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