Madrid en Danza Festival

The festival will be held following all of the safety and hygiene measures. Use of face masks inside the venue will be compulsory, the capacity will be reduced and tickets will be sold online.  

Due to the limited seats available in the theatre, Teatros del Canal have decided to stream their performances live. You can watch each production for 5€, or the whole festival for 15€. 

The Teatros del Canal are reopening their doors to the public from 17 June, becoming the first theatre in the Region of Madrid and one of the first in Spain to raise its curtain after lockdown. It is doing so in style, with the 35th edition of the Madrid en Danza Festival. Directed by ballerina and choreographer Aída Gómez, it once again brings together a wonderful selection of national and international dance.

This year, the annual event which is known for breaking with tradition, not only presents its 35th edition but is the first festival to be celebrated after the COVID-19 crisis.

Each year, Madrid en Danza combines the new and the consolidated through a programme that includes leading figures from the world of dance and emerging promises. Although the prime objective of the festival is to raise awareness of the new aesthetics and themes of national dance, it also has an international section that has several focal points in each edition. The 2019 edition comprised a total of 16 shows with the presence of the well known Italian choreographer, Jacopo Godani, the Wayne McGregor Company, the flamenco dancer, choreographer and director, Cristian Lozano, the Dutch choreographer, Ed Wubbe and the choreographer, Gustavo Ramírez, among others.

The 35th International Madrid in Dance Festival will include a flamenco and contemporary dance  show, Bewitched Love. Gypsy piece in one act and two scenes by the dancer and choreographer, Israel Galván, which is a version of the famous play by Manuel de Falla.

The dancer, Sara Calero will present the premiere of her latest creation, Fandango Avenue. The flamenco dancer and choreographer, Olga Pericet, will be on stage with Un cuerpo infinito (An Infinite Body)a flamenco and dance show which pays tribute to Carmen Amaya, one of the best dancers in the history of flamenco.

The piece called Origen (Origin) brings together two of the most influential artists on the scene: the dancer and National Flamenco Prize winner, Marco Flores, dancer and award winning harpsichord player, Ignacio Prego. The festival will premiere Al desnudo (Naked), the latest project by Metamorphosis Dance based on the creative process of the company’s artists: Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bacovich.

To close the edition, the choreographer and dancer, Rocío Molina, will bring the flamenco show, Caída del cielo (Fallen from Heaven). It presents a journey or descent or transit of a woman from a balanced body to a body that celebrates being a woman, immersed in the tragic sense of the festivity. 


17 June, 8.30pm - El amor brujo - Teatros del Canal - Sala Roja

19 June, 8.30pm - Fandango Avenue - Teatros del Canal - Sala Roja

21 June, 8.30pm - Olga Pericet. An Infinite Body - Teatros del Canal - Sala Roja

24 June, 8.30pm - Origen - Teatros del Canal - Sala Roja

26 June, 8.30pm- Al desnudo - Teatros del Canal - Sala Roja

28 June, 8.30pm - Fallen From the Sky - Teatros del Canal - Sala Roja

Festival Madrid en Danza 2020
El amor brujo. Gitanería en un acto y dos cuadros 
Fandango Avenue
Un cuerpo infinito
Al desnudo
Caída del cielo

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Interest data

Fechas y hora

17, 19, 24, 26 y 28 June: 8.30pm

21 June: 7.30pm


Tourist area: 


de Cea Bermúdez, 1
2, 3, 12, 37, 149
Canal (L2, L7)
Ríos Rosas (L1)

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