Arco de la Victoria

Known popularly as La Puerta de Moncloa, this triumphal arch, which bears a striking resemblance to La Puerta de Alcalá, was built in the 50s and is located by one of the main entrances into Madrid, in the district of Moncloa.

The monument was designed by architects Modesto López Otero and Pascual Bravo Sanfeliú, which raised a 40 metre high arch, supported by two rectangular bases. In each of these bases there is an entrance hall giving access to the upper part via a marble staircase or a lift. The adornment, created by Moisés de Huerta, includes bas-reliefs in a neoclassical style on the frieze, and figures that represent military virtues on the north wing and academic disciplines on the other wing. The top is crowned by a sculpture representing the goddess Minerva driving a chariot.

Arco de la Victoria
arco de la victoria
Arco de la Victoria
Arco de la Victoria
Arco de la Victoria

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Moncloa (L3, L6)
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