WiZink Center

Modern multi-use space dedicated to sport and spectacle and with top-of-the-range technical facilities to satisfy the most demanding and cutting-edge spectacles. The ground that the WiZink Center (formerly known as Sports Palace) is currently located on, in the Salamanca district, started as agriculture land and later became a bullring.

On October 14th 1934, the last bullfighting event was held as 24 hours later, the historic bullring was torn down. Work on the Las Ventas bullring had already begun. From that time until the start of construction on the place, the place became farmland.

In May 1952 the creation of a Sports Palace was promoted, as in all other European capitals, and it was considered appropriate to build it on the land previously occupied by the bullring on the road to Aragon. In January 1956 the National Sport Delegation selected the draft presented by the architects José Soteras and Lorenzo García Barbón, designers of the Sports Palace of Barcelona which was inaugurated in 1955 to hold the Mediterranean Games of that year. It was inaugurated on January 8th of 1960 with a formal multi-sport act where, among others, the cyclists Guillermo Timoner and Martín Bahamontes participated.

On June 28th 2001 the Palace suffered a fire and was practically destroyed, and had to be rebuilt. During this work it was decided to maintain the structure of the façade in Plaza de Salvador Dalí and Avenida de Felipe II as well as the rear part on Fuente del Berro street. It was finally inaugurated on February 16th 2005. The seating capacity was increased and has capacity for a maximum of 16,000 spectators.

WiZink Center

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de Felipe II, s/n
Touristic zone: 
Barrio de Salamanca
Opening Times: 

Mon-Tue: 9am-7pm  /  Fri: 9am-3pm

(+34) 914 44 99 49
(+34) 91 444 99 69
Goya (L2, L4)
O'Donnell (L6)
2, 21, 30, 43, 53, 56, 71, 143, 146, 152, 156, E4, C1, C2

Depends on event