Madrid Stock Exchange

Located a stone's throw from Plaza de Cibeles and Paseo del Prado, this neoclassical-style palace is home to the Madrid Stock Exchange. An architectural symbol of Madrid, it was designed by Enrique María Repullés y Vargas, who won the competition to design it organised by the Project Council for the Madrid Stock Exchange in 1884, after submitting a proposal modelled on the Vienna Stock Exchange building.

It opened its doors on 7 May 1893 and was inaugurated by Queen María Cristina. Its façade is some 66 metres long and is adorned with a clock which was imported from Strasbourg, France. It boasts an irregular shaped floor plan, an imposing portico along the front with six fluted columns of the Corinthian order, two lateral pavilions and a grand staircase. In the entrance hall there are four reliefs representing Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Navigation. The most impressive space is the Trading Hall, with its semi-circular dome and iron and glass roof.

One of its great emblems is the Stock Exchange Clock, a replica of the one in Amsterdam. Its mechanism was built in Strasbourg. It has three faces that indicate the trading time, and a fourth, which acts as a barometer, but which is broken, always indicating ‘changeable’ weather. 

The building is currently the headquarters of the BME (Bolsas y Mercados Españoles), in addition to the headquarters of the Madrid Stock Exchange.


Bolsa de Comercio de Madrid
Bolsa de Comercio de Madrid
Bolsa de Comercio de Madrid
Bolsa de Comercio de Madrid

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