Temple of Debod Gardens

In 1968, Manuel Herrero Palacios designed these 8 hectares of gardens so that one could sit and admire the magnificence of the Temple of Debod, which had been donated to Spain by the Government of Egypt.

The Debod Mausoleum, which is more than 2,000 years old, was rescued from the waters of Aswan Dam by a group of Spanish archaeologists. They brought back every stone and rebuilt it in its present location, after the Government of Egypt donated it to Spain. It was set on the remains of Cuartel de la Montaña, retaining the orientation to the sun it had at its place of origin. 

From here, the famous Manzanares cornice, with the Royal Palace, Casa de Campo and, possibly, the most beautiful sunsets in Madrid, can be seen. The garden’s parterres on both sides are merely a vegetation frame. They are enclosed  with squares, banana trees for  alignment and groups of palm trees and Mediterranean plants on the meadows.   

Jardines del Templo de Debod

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de Ferraz, 1
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Plaza de España (L2, L3, L10)
Príncipe Pío (L6, L10, R)
Ventura Rodríguez (L3)
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Madrid-Príncipe Pío
001, 1, 2, 3, 25, 39, 44, 46, 62, 74, 75, 133, 138, 148, C1, C2, N16, N18, N19, N20

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