This place has a Barrio de Salamanca-style interior décor -minimalist and elegant- where you can taste the genuine Mexican food which has nothing to do with stereotypes. Tepic -capital of the Mexican state of Nayarit- offers a cuisine with Mediterranean touches and Mayan reminiscences: food which is very far away from the tex-mex we are used to have (wheat tortillas, more or less Texan burritos…) Here, together with the indispensable guacamole, food is based on corn –something remarkable- and stews. Their home made and authentic taste will surprise you. Food is not extremely spicy and they offer customers the possibility to season their own dishes with the sauces on each table: pasilla -the darkest and strongest one- or guajillo, among others which can be chosen for a good price from a list (chiplote, chile ancho…) Some ideas to start are barbeque flutes -lamb meat shred on a crusty tortilla- or panuchos yucatecos –a thick corn tortilla with guacamole and cheese. Among main dishes, their specialty is tacos de pastor - soft tortillas you can fill as you like-, a dish you can taste in many other Mexicans. The difference here is that their version has an unusual authentic and refreshing taste thanks to the spicy pork stew, fresh pineapple, onion and coriander. Dulce de cajeta ice cream or mousse with mango sauce are some desserts to finish a meal which will take you very, very far away.


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Ayala, 14
Touristic zone: 
Barrio de Salamanca
Opening Times: 

Mon - Thu 1pm - 1:15 am ; Fri - Sat 1pm - 2:15 am ; Sun 1pm - 5pm 

(+34) 91 522 08 50
Colón (L4)
Local train (Cercanías): 
Tipo cocina: 
5, 14, 21, 27, 37, 45, 150