Café Melo's Bar is a place in the most authentic Galician style. Most people know it as "el bar de las zapatillas" (the trainers bar), which doesn't mean that you have to wear those kind of shoes in order to come into the bar. The reason for this name is that their speciality are 'zapatillas': toasted country bread with lacón (a kind of ham) and grilled tetilla cheese -consequently, melted cheese-. A delicious dish which is asking to be eaten, most of the times using your hands, of course. Other recommended dishes are their big and tasty croquetas, Padrón peppers, empanadillas (pasties), morcilla and, as dessert, cheese with quince jelly. This is their short but excellent menu. To drink, ribeiro wine and beer. This small bar may not be a very modern place, but it has the advanage of having a friendly ambience where you can eat good food at low prices. The fact that it is usually crowded makes it quite difficult to get a table, so the usual thing is to eat your zapatillas standing at the bar. Nice ambience for young and not-so-young people.

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Kitchen always open

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Ave María, 44
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Tue - Sat: 8pm - 2am

(+34) 91 527 50 54
Antón Martín (L1)
Lavapiés (L3)
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6, 26, 32