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There's one unmistakable attribute that defines Madrid: its welcoming nature and hospitality. This intangible quality has now been given expression in the form of an embrace, the new graphic icon representing the city .

If there’s one thing that defines Madrid, it’s its unique ability to welcome everyone with open arms. No matter who you are or where you’re from, no matter how long you’re staying or why you’ve come, the city makes you feel right at home, like you are just another Madrileño. Hospitality is the hallmark of Madrid, an intangible but very real quality. Now, Madrid’s welcoming nature has finally found graphic expression in the form of an embrace, a new icon that everyone around the world will associate with the city.

Madrid te abrazaTo come up with this icon, there was a question that we inevitably had to ask. If London has Big Ben, Paris has the Eiffel Tower and Berlin has the Brandenburg Gate, then what monument best represents Madrid? The surprise came when we realised it didn’t necessarily need to be something physical. What makes our city unique and different goes beyond the tangible. “Madrid is a city that embraces you, it makes you part of it right from the first minute. The embrace is the embodiment of a feeling of inclusion and belonging,” say representatives from Erretres, The Strategic Design Company, the agency responsible for designing Madrid’s new icon. “Madrid is a diverse, open city with important landmarks and an impressive range of gastronomic, cultural and leisure offerings. Finding a single element to represent it was a major challenge”.

The aim isn't for this new graphic icon, which will be displayed at numerous events starting as early as this summer, to be merely the institutional brand or corporate logo of Madrid City Council. It intends to become an open symbol that represents the entire city and that the city makes its own. That is why, in this new iconography, the word Madrid hugs and wraps its arms around itself to put a clear message across: “Madrid embraces you”. And how does it do that? “Through its culture, gastronomy, places, people and traditions. That’s why the iconography doesn't end with a simple depiction of Madrid inside this icon that’s embracing it. Rather, it continues on with infinite variations in which all those things that make our city unique are depicted within an embrace,” says Erretres.

Madrid is a city that gives a warm welcome to absolutely everyone. The welcoming nature of Madrileños allows them to make every visitor to this fun-loving and cosmopolitan city feel that they belong here right from the moment they arrive. If this summer you’re visiting us from abroad, we welcome you with open arms. This is your home.

- Presentation video for Madrid's new icon


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