Alatriste’s Madrid

  • El Madrid de Alatriste - La rendición de Breda o  Las lanzas - Diego Velázquez

Wander around the essential places of 17th century Madrid, the Golden century of Spanish literature  which gave rise to writers of the likes of Lope de Vega, Cervantes, Quevedo or painters, such as Velázquez. From Baroque art in the Plaza de la Villa to the Plaza Mayor, as well as taverns reminiscent of this period. From the Literary Quarter, residence of these literates, to the Encarnación Convent, battlefield of the novelist, Arturo Pérez-Reverte’s character,  Captain  Alatriste.  


The place where the acts of the Inquisition and Purity of Blood took place, reflected in the second book in the saga. It is attacked in the fourth chapter of  Purity of Blood.

Emblematic place where the delinquents of the era sought refuge.  

Square with the Baroque essence of that period and setting for the characters of the novel,  cited in the first chapter of Captain Alatriste.

Purity of Blood tells how “of the more than seventy thousand inhabitants in Madrid, two thirds went to the Plaza Mayor whenever there was a bull fight, celebrating the value and skill of the knights who faced the animals”.

Traditional Spanish food in the La Latina quarter in a tavern that was reopened as a grill house in 1982, set in the Golden century.

Previously known as Turkish Tavern or  Lebrijana Charity tavern Diego Alatriste used to live in a rented room in the company of the young  Iñigo Balboa. 

In the home of the famous poet, historic character in Pérez Reverte’s novels, Alatriste met his son, Lopito de Vega, who has his own story in the novel, including a fight with the  main character.

The museum has Diego Velázquez’s canvas, The Surrender of Breda, also known as The Lances, of which it is said that Captain Alatriste appears on the right of this painting, behind the horse.  

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    Changing the Guard at the Royal Palace
  • Relevo solemne de la Guardia Real
  • Discover the Spanish painter’s legacy. All of the works and places that represent the essence of the artist in Madrid.

    Goya’s Madrid
  • Estatua de Francisco de Goya / José San Bartolomé LLaneces © Museo Nacional del Prado


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