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  • Si la vida fuera una ciudad... sería Madrid

It happens every time. You arrive in Madrid and think, “What a great atmosphere!” There’s something in the air, an energy that invigorates you and fills you with positive emotions. Maybe it's the sun, or the warmth of its people, but whatever it is, you want to get out and explore it right away. A simple walk will show you that life is lived and enjoyed to the fullest here, that life is celebrated in Madrid’s streets, its outdoor bars and cafés, its markets, its summer fiestas. You see people laughing in parks and you want to join the party. What is it about this place? If life were a city, it'd be Madrid.

  • Finding that special gift that makes what you buy a one-of-a-kind souvenir

    Si la vida fuera una ciudad... sería Madrid. Compras y artesanía, Hecho en Madrid
  • A leisurely stroll through the historic city centre that reveals countless magical places

    Si la vida fuera una ciudad... sería Madrid
  • Being captivated by art with a capital “A”

    Las majas de Goya en el Museo del Prado
  • In Madrid, we know everything tastes better when you share it with others

    Si la vida fuera una ciudad... sería Madrid. Gastronomía
  • There’s no end of amazing places to take our favourite people

    Si la vida fuera una ciudad... sería Madrid. Cultura y Patrimonio. Palacio Real
  • Who could want anything more than this sky and these views?

    Si la vida fuera una ciudad... sería Madrid
  • Special places for special people

    Jóvenes en terraza

Things you can’t miss in Madrid

Tapas, innovation, tradition and multiculturalism. There's a delicious, almost unfathomable range of offerings here.

Found in its famous museums, but also in its historic squares, its palaces and its art galleries, to name just a few examples.

First-class fun, from Gran Vía avenue and its musicals to the city's renowned theatres and famous nightlife.

Design and tradition combine to perfection in Madrid.

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Monumento Alfonso XII (1922) de José Grases Riera. Parque de El Retiro de Madrid

Escalera del Palacio de los Duques de Santoña

Calle del Madrid de los Austrias

Jardín del Palacio de Linares (Casa de América)

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  • Klimt: La experiencia immersiva


An observation deck at 92 metres.

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